One of Monero’s anonymous coins, Ricardo Spaniel, also known as Fluffy Pony, tweeted with information indicating that Craig Wright belonged to a mountain. Gox Bitcoin Wallet.

Spagny said in his tweet on June 12, including court documents by mail: “Only to clarify the matter to us, Craig Wright only publicly admitted (through his attorney) that he was a man who stole 80,000 BTC from Mtgox.”

The fluffy pony makes its point
Spagny added:

“The screenshots below show court documents indicating that” 1Feex “is where the stolen money was sent to Mount Goks. What do you say, Calvin Air?
Gox address is included in Tulip Trust addresses
As part of the ongoing legal battle, Wright claims to own at least partly a Tulip Trust, a list of several Bitcoin wallet titles that contains about 1.1 million bitcoins allegedly and his business partner Dave Clement allegedly extracted in Bitcoin. The early days.

Clement died in 2013, because Wright was unable to transfer the funds independently, according to a recent post.

Spagni claims and court documents claim that the money was stolen from Mt. In one of the alleged addresses of the Tulip Trust portfolio. 2014 Hooks Hack.