Cristiano Ronaldo became the first football player to receive a career achievement award for cryptocurrencies after Juventus Football Club. The star received 770 JUV Tokens – one for every goal of his high school career, according to Spanish portal Marca.

JUV is the official Juventus fan icon, launched in 2019 by the Italian football club on the blockchain Chiliz (CHZ) in association with the platform Fan Tokens give fans the opportunity to vote on club decisions, as well as give them access to various benefits, competitions, and prizes.

The cost of 770 JUV Tokens awarded to Ronaldo prior to Sunday’s league match against Benevento is approximately $ 11,750, based on the current token price of $ 15.26. The JUV token was originally priced at $ 2 at launch.

While it is unlikely that the former Manchester United and Real Madrid star will need money anytime soon, this does mean that the soccer player has received a cryptocurrency for the first time as a career prize. The growing association between sport and cryptocurrency has caused more and more clubs to flirt with the idea of ​​paying players in whole or in part cryptocurrency for some time.

Dozens of soccer teams have released fan codes on the Chiliz blockchain since its inception, including some of the biggest teams from the biggest leagues in the world such as Manchester City, F.C. Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain.

The Chili’s token value, CHZ, is a response to the flood of activity that various football teams have recently started. Since January 1 alone, the value of CHZ in dollars has increased by more than 2,500%, while the market value has increased from $ 100 million to $ 4.5 billion and then declined to $ 3.2 billion.

With Barcelona launching its fan symbol (BAR), could longtime contender Cristiano Ronaldo Lionel Messi be in line for his cryptocurrency rewards anytime soon? The Argentine has already scored 734 adult goals against 770 goals for Ronaldo, although he is still two years younger than him.