Timothy Peterson, an alternative adviser to Cane Island, claims that Bitcoin (BTC), which reached nearly $ 20,000 in December 2017, was “fake”.

In a tweet on June 11, Peterson said it took people seven years to admit that Bitcoin was being tampered with in 2013, citing a recent Japanese court ruling confirming allegations of data fraud against former Jebel. CEO of Gox Marc Carpeles.

Then he asked: “When will people realize that $ BTC is being manipulated again in 2017 and 2019?” Before registering and claiming that $ 20,000 was “fake”.

Do we all have a huge hallucination?
Peterson does not promote any conscientious conspiracy theory that Bitcoin in history, or ATH, never happened, simply because it was probably because of manipulation.

When he was asked “what the real ATX knows” in his mind, he replied that he was not in his mind but in mathematics. He continued that the historical cap was legal:

“Only if it is supported by fundamentals measured by active addresses, hash rate and number of transactions. Otherwise, the price is not sustainable.”

He concluded that the price, which was significantly different from the main price, may have been caused by fraudulent price fraud.

The real prognosis is much greater
Peterson defended his recent comments by comparing current Bitcoin price movements with those that occurred before the 2013 Bull Race. Today’s relative beef could lead to a price of 75,000 BTC in a few weeks.

However, Peterson denied allegations that he expected such growth. Instead, he claimed that he was simply asking a hypothetical question: “Will history repeat itself?”

Peterson recently predicted that by 2027 the bitcoin price will rise to $ 1 million, based on an increasing number of users. He claims that this number is only derived from mathematics, so, as defined, perhaps ATH is legal.