All modern aspects of the crypto space – non-innate tokens, institutional adoption of Bitcoin, and Dogecoin uniqueness – found their place in Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

In a tweet today, the billionaire said he would sell a non-innate music symbol, or NFT, with lyrics based on tech hype: “It’s tested, it’s foolproof.” The video, playing the song, shows a pair of diamond hands under the moon with Shiba Inu dogs – possibly a reference to Dogecoin – spinning.

Although the song doesn’t appear to be available on any major market yet, cryptocurrency users have already found a way to test its face value – by encoding the tweet itself.

Musk’s tweet is currently listed as NFT on the Valuables platform, allowing Twitter users to bid on the digital copies of any Tweet. Less than an hour after Musk wrote about the song, the price jumped from $ 3 to $ 100,000 and included shows from WSBChairman and coordinator NFT Loopify.

At time of publication, the highest bid was $ 100,000 from mondoir Twitter user, an Iranian Bitcoin. They claim to have banned any amount of Ether (ETH) for their application – around 53.89 ETH.

“We all know Elon Musk will never sell or accept offers to sell Tweets,” Mondoir said. “My offer to buy his tweet was not just laughter, it was a strategic move.”

According to Valuables, if Musk accepts any offer of a Token Tweet, he will get 95% of the ETH offer on the wallet address he specifies “within an hour.”

While it is unclear whether Musk intends to list NFTs in a market like Nifty, the offer may be linked to Tesla’s recent submission to the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Musk has said he will keep the CEO title, but has also called himself “Tesla TechnoKing”.