When markets are unstable, even the smallest code delay can be very costly.

And now the crypto wallet says it has developed a solution that allows transfers to be done in less than three minutes – regardless of how many transactions are suspended.

Freewallet partnered with Changelly for a new feature, and the technology provides a total of 54 coins along with ERC-20 codes. This includes the world’s largest cryptocurrency – bitcoins (BTC), ethers (ETH), EOS (EOS) and Litecoin (LTC).

In addition to the time savings associated with this technology, Freewallet says there are many other benefits. Customers will benefit from significantly lower costs because they do not have to pay a transaction fee. Unlike chain transfers, where you can confirm a person’s identity by evaluating shopping habits and behaviors, this out-of-box approach can help maintain user anonymity.

“Freewallet is still one of my favorite portfolio apps, and our partnership continues to evolve from strength to strength. Thanks to the ability to execute unplanned transactions, Freewallet is now operating at a much higher speed, and the total cost to the client, for its part, was lower, says Chang Chang CEO Eric Benz.

PR President of PRewallet, Solomon Brown, also expressed enthusiasm, adding: “We have been working with Changelly for a long time. Our successful joint experience and mutual trust has enabled us to integrate exchanges outside the network in Freewallet and thus make greater progress in our goal of providing the best service to more than three million users. ”

The technology is available for use through Freewallet applications available for web wallet, iOS and Android devices.

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Recently, the reliability of services offered by encryption exchange in the spotlight has been emphasized. Coinbase was criticized for frequent mistakes as Bitcoin made a serious price change, and in some cases traders were unable to log into their account when their assets were written off.

Attractive, independent portfolio
Freewallet is a storage service. This means that if something goes wrong with the transaction, users can contact customer support to help resolve the issue. Accounts can also be restored if they have forgotten their password or username.

There are four ways to sign in to Freewallet users, including email, Google, Facebook and phone numbers.

The Freewallet family includes more than 20 wallets with individual currencies in addition to its most important multi-currency portfolio, Crypto Wallet. According to Cointelegraph, the platform believes that there is a growing demand for wallet encryption wallets, despite the growing trend of using wallets that allow you to store dozens of coins in one place.

The company claims that the attractiveness of independent portfolios is to provide intimacy and comfort to those who hate keeping all their assets in one place. Freewallet compares individual wallets with credit cards in the same currency. Those using a single currency wallet can also use low transaction fees, as they will be able to pay and withdraw using encryption on more favorable terms.

Community work
Recently, the company announced that it will hold a marathon for digital currency exchange for active users from June 15 to July 12. Three users will be rewarded with the highest total transaction amounts, and the other three users who completed the majority of transactions will receive an additional refund. The team notes that several prizes will be distributed to five random users per week for one month.

Freewallet has also announced clouds of the most inspiring stories and uses. According to the company, the author of the plot with the most likes, comments and Twitter posts will receive an extra prize from the team.