The decentralized and interoperable open source platform has announced that it will be home to a decentralized multi-chain financial protocol.

Launched on Metaverse on Friday, Gene Finance aims to help cryptocurrency enthusiasts “easily distribute and improve their digital assets in the DeFi room.”

A user-friendly dashboard has been created that allows users to manage the DeFi wallet with a wide range of products, including crop cultivation, algorithmic stack coins and liquidity management.

Metaverse, which recently launched the backbone network, offers a critical infrastructure layer that results in a faster, cheaper and more efficient transaction process for the ever-growing DeFi user base.

According to Metaverse, gas charges become “volatile” on a number of blockchains that host DeFi protocols, which means that it can cost hundreds of dollars to perform transactions on platforms such as Ethereum. The transfer of Gene Finance means that there will be no more fees for her community, and she will have the freedom to follow her strategies without worrying about the value it will have.

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Gene Finance is making a concerted effort to ensure that the transition from Ethereum to Metaverse is as smooth as possible – as a result, users are encouraged to stop trading their assets on Gene Swap from 19 April until the launch is complete.

First of all, six pigeons were moved to Metaverse: ETP / USDT Dog, GENE / USDT Taotie, DNA / USDT Dragon, ETP Deer, GENE Tiger and DNA Bull.

The project has confirmed that all remaining DeFi protocol groups will remain on Ethereum and will continue to be available through a dedicated website. Users who already had assets in Ethereum were confident that they did not need to do anything during the transfer, as their assets were automatically and free of charge transferred to the assets. A bridge was also created so that assets could be transported to Metaverse.

Comprehensive guides are designed to tell existing users what to expect when they start interacting with Gene Finance in Metaverse – to introduce them to token swaps, liquidity pools and agriculture.

There is currently a rolling offer of 174 million GENE tokens through Ethereum and Huobi Eco Blockchain, and Gene Finance has announced the release of 36 million additional tokens to offer incentives for mining in Metaverse. Liquidity providers in the ETP Deer and ETP / USDT dog pools will receive ETP rewards distributed by the Metaverse Foundation, which has donated 1 million ETP programs to Gene Finance.

Metaverse landmarks
Metaverse recently celebrated its fourth anniversary and has even more reason to celebrate after the long-awaited launch and development of the Hyperspace network.

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It was announced as “the first milestone in a robust development map with the new Metaverse.” The new features are launched by Metaverse Corporation, which aims to support blockchain operations and create a “complete and luxurious” ecosystem.

Metaverse says it has unveiled its first hybrid consensus algorithm for Substrate – creating a flexible network that does not compromise scalability. The new Metaverse ETP also opens up an interoperable platform that allows anyone to create and distribute smart contracts.

Looking to the future, the project now invites influencers from across the crypto-ace space to join their community. The project says that those participating in the Metaverse Ambassadors program can be an important milestone in the expansion of the Metaverse ecosystem – leveraging a secure, reliable and affordable blockchain that will be groundbreaking for digital interactivity in the future.