Bitcoin project developer and Lightning Network John Cantrell explained how he managed to break the BTC title by checking around a trillion seed combinations in 30 hours. The achievement was made as part of the contest hosted on Twitter by Cis Alistair Milne, director of information technology at the Atlanta Digital Currency Fund.

For several days, Milne posted tips on how to purchase a portfolio of 12 bitcoins. Cantrell excelled in the art of brute force recall, having received only 8 out of 12 words, and finally stated that the BTC 1 award was contained.

The developer rented several video cards
Cantrell decided to rent more graphics cards through GPU and Microsoft’s cloud computing centers in Azure, realizing that the Macbook could only validate 1,250 memory combinations per second using the self-written CPU initialization tool.

The developer explained:

“I was worried that others would do the same, so I included 0.01 BTC mining fees. I didn’t even think this would be enough, believing it could be” running to zero “, when people are constantly increasing fees, trying to make miners include Treat them in the next block. “