The meme-based cryptocurrency, which Elon Musk often pays for on Twitter, took off after Tesla’s CEO speech on Saturday Night Live, but the screams did not affect the moon.

During the comedy show’s opening monologue, May Musk joked to her son that she hoped she didn’t receive any Dogecoins (DOGE) as a Mother’s Day gift this weekend. While the initial signal drew laughter from a live audience, Musk’s appearance as “financial guru” Lloyd Ostertag in the Weekend Update segment on Saturday Night Live was more serious before the DOGE price dropped 30%.

Referring to his character as “The Godfather,” Musk said the prices of Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and DOGE had risen, but he was unable to answer SNL team member Michael Che’s question about “What is Dogecoin?” information about the history of the symbol and rolling stock, but at the end DOGE declared that it was “real” like the US dollar and called the cryptocurrency “garbage”.

Immediately after the opening monologue, the DOGE price fell from $ 0.69 to below $ 0.50 for the first time since the half dollar cross in early May. Despite a partial recovery from the Dogefather chip, the symbol has fallen to $ 0.43 in the past 24 hours and is trading at $ 0.48 at time of publication.

Many expected Musk’s appearance in the cartoon would get DOG’s attention after he tweeted two weeks ago that he would be playing in the cartoon or as a character named The Godfather. Tweets from Tesla CEO and Dallas Mavericks basketball club owner Mark Cuban, as well as messages from retail investors on r / WallStreetBets, could be driving the token price skyrocketing this year – DOGE was below $ 0.01 on January 1.

With the elements of the crypto room being reported in mainstream media, parodies like Saturday Night Live parodies can reach a wider audience. NBC already released a rap chart about the non-mushroom code mania in March. In addition, Beacon Pictures is said to be planning a comedy series called Coding.