Double, the developer of the popular blockchain game My Crypto Heroes, announced on March 25 that it will use the unchanging platform X for instruments and non-fungible token exchange (NFT) across all games.

Immutable X is a Tier 2 solution for Ethereum blockchain created by Immutable, the team behind the trading card game Gods Unchained. It aims to accelerate NFT adoption by lowering gas taxes and providing more dynamic game mechanics.

Gods Unchained Alpha and Two-jump Unlock will be released this month. Tokyo and several other developers, including SuperfarmDAO, Illuvium and Mintable, shortly afterwards.

The platform offers several benefits tailored for the NFT market, including instant trade guarantee, the ability to execute over 9,000 transactions per second and zero gas fees.

It does this using Starkware’s integrated knowledge system, which means that the platform remains a fully decentralized and secure Ethereum network. This also means that NFT can be traded in any Ethereum-based market.

Longtime co-founder Robbie Ferguson explained why the company did not behave in the side chain path, saying:

Spending so much time on blockchain technology, just resorting to what it means to store assets in a database or on a server on someone’s laptop, is a waste of everyone’s time and risks the other party.
Double jump.

The explosive growth of DeFi and NFT over the past year has driven the demand for Layer 2 solutions to circumvent congestion and high charges on the Ethereum network. However, Immutable X is the first such platform specifically designed for NFT.