The founder of one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges has narrowed the scope of what he considers hypocrisy on the part of Elon Musk after the CEO of Tesla announced that the electric car company would stop accepting Bitcoin (BTC) as a method of payment.

The hypocrisy accusations against Musk stem from the fact that Tesla has about $ 1.5 billion of Bitcoin remaining on its balance sheet.

Musk criticized Bitcoin’s energy consumption in a recent tweet announcing that Tesla had stopped buying cars with Bitcoin. Musk’s sudden change of position came just six weeks after Tesla broke the big news by announcing that it would accept Bitcoin payments from customers in the US.

But according to Nick Spanos, founder of the New York Bitcoin Center and co-founder of the Zap protocol, having more than $ 1 billion in bitcoins on Tesla’s balance sheet means Musk is still willing to reap the benefits of what he considers sloppy. Danger to the environment. … Spanos told Cointelegraph:

“ I challenge Elon that if Bitcoin is too dirty to be accepted as a payment for his electric cars, it must also be too dirty to be profitable, assuming everyone uses it.

“At least climate king John Kerry sold his millions in the oil industry before taking his virtuous stance,” Spanos added, referring to a US politician selling oil for one million dollars before becoming President Joe Biden’s special envoy for change. climate.

The split on the Spanos side was that if Elon Musk had really cared about the environment, he would have allowed the trade in dirty coins in exchange for clean cars. Spanish California:

Oddly enough, Elon denies conscious consumers the opportunity to exchange their allegedly dirty coins for a clean car. It appears to be counterproductive. ”

Spanos recalls that “most Bitcoin’s energy consumption is sustainable due to the reactivation and building of new water sources,” indicating an increase in renewables, which some studies estimate account for more than 70% of cryptocurrencies.

Spanos cited the attention paid by the US Securities and Exchange Commission to Mask when it was believed that he was manipulating Tesla stock prices with irresponsible and ill-considered tweets.

Is being caught in Bitcoin and Dogecoin (DOGE) because of the same bombers and arrows of the outrageous wealth that plagues the cryptocurrency when the world-famous billionaire decides to take an interest in it? Spanos asked:

“Perhaps, as with DOGE-for-Tesla pea, this is all about bitcoin price manipulation. Wasn’t he having a problem manipulating Tesla’s stock prices?”

Dogecoin was re-engaged with Musk’s tweets on Friday after the head of Tesla revealed that it was working with developers to improve the efficiency of transactions on blockchain memes. DOGE’s price jumped 26% right after the Tweet was posted.