Bailey Gifford, a 110-year-old asset management company known for its early games at companies like Tesla, has invested $ 100 million in running a large cryptocurrency wallet, co-founder and CEO Peter Smith announced Wednesday that Bailey Gifford’s $ 300 million March funding round was the company’s largest single investment to date. Smith said Bailey Gifford’s participation in the trip was “one of their first investments in a crypto company.”

“It is also a guarantee that a balanced and diversified retail / commercial business has incredible growth potential in the coming years,” wrote the CEO.

With more than $ 445 billion in assets under management, Bailey Gifford has grown into a major technology investor, raising nearly $ 28 billion from her investments in Tesla, Alibaba and pharmaceutical company Moderna. One of Tesla’s largest outside investors, Bailey Gifford, has generated $ 16 billion in profits from Tesla’s investment alone since August 2020. The company is also known for its backing of companies like Google, Amazon, and Airbnb.

Bailey Gifford’s games on are sparking growing investor interest in the company, as well as in the crypto industry in general. UK is one of the biggest fundraisers this year, raising $ 420 million in funding rounds in February and March, bringing the company to $ 5.2 billion.

Crypto and blockchain companies including, BlockFi, and Dapper Labs received more funding in the first quarter of 2021 than they did in all of 2020, according to business analysis firm CB Insights.