Cryptocurrency and investor sentiment have returned to normal on December 15 after Jerome Powell, chairman of the Federal Reserve, approved the bank’s 2022 plan to raise interest rates.

Following the announcement, Bitcoin (BTC) rose 1.65% in revenue and rose to $ 49,000, above the $ 4,000 mark. The Altcoins are on the threshold of double digit growth, and at the same time the bulls seem to be regaining market strength.

Cointelegraph Markets Pro
Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView show that the biggest gains in the last 24 hours were ECOMI (OMI), Aragon (ANT) and RAMP.

ECOMI remains unchanged
ECOMI is a technology company focused on creating blockchain-based digital marketing markets that can buy and share local tokens (NFT) on social networking services using the OMI Token Basic of Work exchange method.

VORTECS ™ data on the Cointelegraph Pro trading platform found a positive outlook for OMI on December 1, before the recent price hike.

Like VORTECS, which specializes in Cointelegraph, it is a historical and current market research algorithm derived from a combination of data such as market sentiment, trade volume, recent price movements, and Twitter activity.

Cointelegraph Markets Pro
As shown in the table above, OMI’s VORTECS climbed to the green zone with the same score, ranking 81st in December.

OMI was launched during an important Etherium (ETH) solution specifically designed for NFT services, close to the ECOMI environment.

Aragon accepts DAO Hackathon
The Aragon Ethereum-based network agreement, which is supported by non-profit organizations (DAOs), strengthens governance systems to strengthen community co-operation.

VORTECS ™ data on the Cointelegraph Pro trading platform revealed ANT’s optimistic outlook on December 12, just before the recent price hike.

Cointelegraph Markets Pro
As shown in the table above, the same score for VORTECS of ANT began to rise on December 12 and reached 70 in two hours with a 60% increase in price in the next two days.

There are rumors that the ANT price march is aimed at attracting the creators of the global DAOp hackathon to Aragon, and that the DAOpunks NFT project is launching ANT owners.

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RAMP uses water-soluble minerals
RAMP is a multi-channel distribution (DeFi) solution that helps investors get the most out of their investments.

Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView data showed that after falling below $ 0.179 on December 14, RAMP rose 52.56% to $ 0.274 on December 15 and is trading 24 hours a day. 800% to 54.2 million. .

RAMP prices have risen sharply since the start of the mining sector strengthening program, which has led to a significant increase in the total value of the contract. Ethereum, Polygon and Binance have now invested 63.3 million in the smart chain.

The total cryptocurrency market is currently 2.126 trillion and Bitcoin is 41.7%.

Source: CoinTelegraph