Despite the unpleasant experience at his first job in the industry, Roland Girdonan concluded that cryptocurrencies are the “future of money”.

Crypto startups play an important role in the development of the entire blockchain industry. While many business owners have big ideas to change the world, some fail to invest in developing key aspects of the business, resulting in employees leaving.

Roland Girdonan from Chad, Central Africa, who was hired by a crypto startup, thought he was lucky when he accepted his first job offer in the crypto world. He later realized that while it seemed like a dream job, it was more of a nightmare to get away from.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Girdonan noted that the company, whose name he declined to be named, allegedly launched products that didn’t work and required employees to work a lot of overtime while managers played favorites who were rewarded for their efforts. He explained that:

“The company’s products don’t seem to work because the company doesn’t put too much effort into them. […] Still, we tried to work on it and make it a success, but it didn’t work.”
He added that although the products are “not working properly,” the company’s employees are being forced to work overtime to work on projects that he says are already “dead.” Worse, he also claimed that managers were handpicking people to reward while others worked harder.

“I love being in the crypto industry and all that, but I had to leave because it was getting to be too much. It was unhealthy.”
Despite the negative experience, Girdonan became a supporter of blockchain and crypto after learning about other projects in the industry. “I chose to stay in the crypto industry because I believe in this technology and also believe in projects like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH),” he said.

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Girdonan believes that cryptocurrency is indeed the “future of money” even though markets are currently falling. He explained that this newfound belief caused him to miss out on everything in the industry. He said this:

“Even though it all happened, I didn’t let that stop me from learning more about the industry and then more about blockchain.”
He also encouraged anyone interested in joining the blockchain industry. Girdonan believes that “there really is an opportunity for anyone who wants to join this space”.

Source: CoinTelegraph