The Bank of England, Bank of England, or Bank of England continue to argue that they are uncertain about the future of the central bank’s digital currency, even though the division wants to hire at least seven positions related to the CBDC currency.

Job listings have recently appeared on the Bank of England Job Network website. One of these vacancies is looking for “Stakeholder Analytics – Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)”.

According to the website, the bank is also looking for a project analyst, solution engineer, technical analyst, senior manager and senior institutional engineer who are affiliated with the CIB, as well as a senior policy analyst at the central bank of the central bank. … The site has posted announcements on Tuesday and Wednesday.

As the Stakeholder Analyst Job List states: “Like many other central banks, the Bank of England is exploring the feasibility of developing and issuing a central bank digital currency (CBDC).” “The decision on the need for digital currencies in the UK has yet to be made, but this is an important issue for the bank to understand.”

The message mentions a number of specific details of the work, as well as the Bank of England’s attention to the CBDC assessment.

Reports earlier this month showed that Her Majesty’s Treasury, or HMT, and the Bank of England are working together to research the central bank’s digital currency, disclosing information about the CBDC Task Force. Central bank digital currencies have been a hot topic over the past year or so, as central banks operate at different speeds.