Ethereum developers have invited the community to help test the long-awaited PoS-based merger between the Ethereum network and Beacon Chain.

The merger marks an important milestone in the transition to Ethereum 2.0, as it will transform the Ethereum network into the PoS blockchain, reducing power consumption by 99%.

Ethereum developer Marius van der Weyden on Monday announced a new community engagement integration testing program that serves three levels: non-technical users, developers with limited blockchain experience, and high-tech and experienced blockchain developers.

For non-technical users, the autonomous software gives them tasks such as setting up clients at consensus level, reporting errors and submitting transactions.

Technology users can choose goals such as running their validators, testing and distributing contracts and setting up their test networks, while high-tech users can view specifications, suggest invalid blocks and segment the network by voting for invalid blocks.

The program encourages all contributors to document as much of the work as possible and share it online under the hashtag #TestingTheMerge on Twitter. Weiden also pointed out Ethereum R&D Discord to the community to keep in touch throughout the test program.

“The software is non-refundable, but if I find a critical error (a consensus / panic problem), I will buy you a drink of your choice at the next DevCon!” Wyden mocked the show.

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According to the Eth2 page on, the Beacon Chain merger will be officially completed by the first or second quarter of 2022. The merger is the final chapter in the blockchain’s development towards the PoS consensus; However, there is still a lot of work left before moving to Eth2 and hashing.

The final piece of the puzzle is a blockchain update planned for late 2022 that will spread the load on the network across 64 new chains to help scale the network in a decentralized way, increase transactions per second and lower gas charges. Under.

Source: CoinTelegraph