Domains Unstoppable, an Ethereum-based project that allows users to create “.crypto” URLs, is integrated into Cloudflare’s distributed web resolver. Once integrated, users will be able to access domain blockchain addresses that cannot be disabled in any browser.

Previously, sites created with the Unstoppable Domains .crypto extension were only accessible through browsers that had already enabled access to them. Using Cloudflare for DNS over HTTPS, all browsers connected to the Internet will now be able to access encrypted websites.

While traditional domain name providers impose annual renewal fees on users and control a large number of websites through centralized data centers, blockchain domains remain completely under user control. Common threats posed by a traditional website, such as privacy breaches, arbitrary censorship and phishing attempts, are not related to the blockchain-based domain service.

Matthew Gould, CEO of Unstoppable Domains, cited current Internet disruptions and the increasingly aggressive intervention in Big Tech’s online monopoly as the reason for the project. Gold Sa:

“At a time when data breaches are common and human privacy and digital asset ownership is paramount, centralized control is being challenged by many forward-thinking people and companies. This new system is different. He regains control where he is. It should be in the user’s hands again. ”
Backed by venture capital Tim Draper, he launched non-stop bands in 2018 and has secured millions of dollars in funding to date. Almost half a million domain names have been created in domains that cannot yet be stopped.