Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin summed up the recent decade, pointing out that abstract ideas are more valid than the problems of industrial software development.

Butterin cited an article on Twitter on July 23, 2013, in which he talked about the main benefits of Bitcoin (BTC) – international and anti-censorship. Buterin already has the potential for bitcoin to secure its purchasing power in Iran, Argentina, China and Africa.

However, why are Argentine companies working on Buterin Tether (USDT) seeing higher adoption of Stabilcoin? Bitcoin has endorsed its ten-year-old view on the negative effects of regulation.

The entrepreneur still believes that “the Internet should not exceed 5 cents per transaction” and focuses on Ethereum’s efforts to improve its blocking capabilities.

“I like those altcoins before altcoins,” Buterine said, citing an article based on this argument for three reasons: different chains optimize for different purposes, while multi-chains are lower and lower. Options are needed if they are the main development team. Wrong

Buterine, on the other hand, defended his support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH), saying that despite being around society, for good reason, there are often long-term problems, and they value it and fail to do so. Are. Not unified in the way forward, but surrounded by resistance. ”

“Absolutely true (especially should be DeFi), although I still have a lot of dynamic file storage + calculations, but of course I really missed NFTs.”
Summarizing the results, Butner advocated a mount that helped correct errors in the beginning, saying: “As time went on, he had to learn to understand later.” ”

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In early December, Buterin shared his idea of ​​a “simple roadmap” for ETH 2.0 and proposed “low-level requirements with minimal requirements” for distributed block approvals.

Source: CoinTelegraph