Crypto fraudsters stole at least $ 150,000 by paying for SpaceX YouTube accounts and posting fake gifts in bitcoins.

According to the Bleeping Computer report released on June 9, many scammers hacked into legitimate YouTube accounts and changed the brand and content to mimic Elon Musk’s SpaceX channel.

The channels then sent the archived footage from Musk, as if it were a live event, and asked the audience to submit bitcoins (BTC). Bleeping Computer reported that at least 80,000 people watched the live broadcast, which since June 15 collected 15.31 BTC scammers. One Bitcoin headline received 29 transactions for $ 4.08 BTC for $ 39,840, while the other received 84 donations totaling $ 11.23, or nearly $ 110,000

“Not cool”
Musk knows his name is used to perpetuate such fraud. In response to another work in February, the CEO tweeted that “the level of Twitter encryption fraud reaches new levels”, and users should report this fake once they see it.

However, reports for some platforms may not be sufficient. Tenable cyber security company in February said it was “an eternal cat-and-mouse game between Twitter and cryptocurrency fraudsters”, and the latter continues to change its tactics to obtain BTC from unexplained victims.

It often imitates popular encryption
While the public is still interested in the historic launch of a private spacecraft built and launched from the United States on May 30, scammers know how to see lucrative trends, such as imitating musk.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse was also a popular target. In March, Cointelegraph reported that Garlinghouse videos periodically appeared on fake YouTube ads 50 million XRP records. Ripple considered the platform’s response time to remove content insufficient and filed a lawsuit against YouTube in April.