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The blogging platform Mirror entered the public market this week. Read on to learn about the impact of this feature on Ethereum wallet holders.

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Mirror Expands Blogs About Blockchain To The Public
This week, Mirror, a decentralized publishing protocol aimed at promoting data ownership and freedom of expression, expanded the platform to the public market for the first time.

In the previous version, the weekly voice competition with the original WRITE platform token identified an exclusive list of 10 creators who can contribute to the platform.

With this ad, anyone with an Ethereum wallet address can upload content to the site as well as export blog posts from external sites like Medium or Substack. These blogs can then be called “Input Versions”, a non-playable token feature that allows users to monetize their own content.

“Mirror has evolved from a tool for writers to a complete web3 creative suite for communities and DAOs.”
Bank of America upbeat on DeFi
Bank of America’s subsidiary BofA Securities released an official report this week that concluded its upbeat outlook for digital assets including the DeFi sector, indicating that there is “significant medium-term value for DeFi DApps.” The message says:

“We believe DeFi is unlikely to replace traditional financial infrastructure anytime soon, but application technologies are likely to provide efficiency in the short term and increase transparency for established businesses, especially in crypto domains.”
In July 2021, Bank of America launched a cryptocurrency research group led by crypto and digital real estate strategist Alkesha Shah to analyze and assess the cryptocurrency landscape, and this report is just one of many published by the group since its inception.

Assessing markets from an analytical perspective, the report concludes that over $ 17 billion was invested in markets during the first half of 2021, representing a seismic increase from $ 5.5 billion recorded in the same period last year.

MakerDAO plans to support climate change
MakerDAO founder Ron Christensen released an honest letter on Tuesday with proposals for changes to the protocol’s activities that will support climate change action.

Changes could include a statement that all collateral includes “sustainable, climate-friendly assets that take into account the long-term environmental impact of financial activities”.

Christensen also said the project guarantees will support investments in sustainable real assets, including “solar parks, wind turbines, batteries, charging stations and other cost-effective renewable energy solutions, as well as their own supply chains.” sustainable extraction and processing of resources. ”

In addition, Christensen has expressed high hopes for a move from Ethereum to a consensus certificate, which indicates redemption of deposit options for value-added services in Ethereum only.

Code performance
Analytics show that the total value of blocked DeFi increased by 12.97% over the week to $ 136.04 billion.

Source: CoinTelegraph