The digital payment provider offers cryptocurrency payments to retailers and consumers through a range of products, including a sleek, modern physical terminal.

The Lunus Vending Machine comes in a variety of skins and can handle a variety of cryptocurrencies as well as contactless credit cards and payments using smartphones. Leaders position the company as an ambitious 21st century brand with art and social responsibility in its DNA – with a laser focus on design.

The plant is complemented by an innovative processing service that provides decentralized and competitive exchange rates – through a patented arbitration system and spot auctions. This provides access to cryptocurrency exchange rates in the market rather than Lunu which dictates its own rates like other service providers do. The dedicated tool provides convenience for e-commerce platforms, while the mobile wallet allows customers to securely store digital assets and exchange them for fiat currencies at low fees.

Innovation and fairness are the two pillars of this retail-focused Lunus solution. To drive the adoption, retailers only have to pay a 1% transaction fee when processing payments – a price that paper-focused companies like Visa and Mastercard can’t match. Payments are also made instantly, with funds instantly converted into a legal order, so merchants don’t have to deal directly with digital assets.

Money review
Lunu Solutions Marketing Director Vadim Grigoryan told Cointelegraph that our relationship with money has changed dramatically over the years – it has rapidly moved from coins and banknotes to the digital realm.

“Since money is essentially a mental abstraction of a symbolic representation of value, what money is and what it wants to be can only be limited by the human imagination. At Lunu Solutions, we believe that the future of money will be digital and we encourage this monetary shift by creating an ecosystem to incorporate cryptocurrencies In real life. ”

Artem Shahinyan, co-founder and CEO of Lunus, explained that the company’s mission is to convincingly demonstrate how digital assets can be more efficient than payment methods already on the market and easier to use for regular users.

“Lunu Solutions is the only cryptocurrency provider so far whose offering has focused entirely on providing efficiency and ease of use for retail transactions,” he said.

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The company added that its mission is to demystify the digital assets and the opportunities and benefits they provide. Cryptocurrencies are no longer an asset class only used by a few computer experts, according to Lunu, and he points to studies showing that there are currently more than 100 million cryptocurrencies worldwide.

Champagne for everyone
The Lunus product range was accessed by a number of merchants, including the Vin Malin French wine and champagne store. Exclusive jewelry company Courbet also displayed Lunus stations in its flagship showroom.

The company is also returning and partnering with TBA 21 to promote cryptocurrency donations to the cultural sector – an industry hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Lunu has been the official sponsor of the Regional Agency: Oceans in Transformation, an exhibition dedicated to saving the world’s oceans.

Meanwhile, artist Laurent Grusseau has created a series of blockchain-inspired shirts available exclusively at Lunus, showcasing the full experience retailers and consumers can expect.

Luno said such high-level partnerships help narrow the gap between cryptocurrencies and the real world.