Without a doubt, Non-Financial Tokens (NFTs) have become some of the fastest growing people in the cryptocurrency world. With revenues in the billions of dollars, it is important to ask yourself where the industry is heading.

NFT game of three words. In this modern game series, players can collect their in-game assets and exchange them in the gameplay ecosystem. In the NFT money earning game, users get a chance to develop income streams as they are awarded tokens (and possibly NFTs) the longer they play. These codes have been carefully integrated into the game development process and will be released at strategic moments.

Current games fall short of the difficulty and confusion that new players encounter when entering space. Many of them are complex and require some basic knowledge about the blockchain and its functions. Moreover, the decentralized gaming world is often seen as an “elite club” available to those with the means. Finally, not many games offer enough reward for the time players spend to succeed.

The money-making game, Monsters Clan, offers players a new “Monster Universe” as the platform tries to overcome all these obstacles.

Monsters Clan, a virtual NFT monster game, is developed based on the monster’s lifestyle. In Monsters Clan, users can decide if they own, train or compete with their monsters in different combat modes against cryptocurrencies and other NFTs. The Monsters Clan is “the first third-person NFT game to be won on the blockchain” and “the first ever NFT fighting game that allows players to control their own monster characters in each game.”

Drowning in the “world of monsters”
Among other first graders, the Monsters Clan argued their concept of renting NFTs to provide the right MONS game economy model.

Similar to the concept of rental property, users can now rent digital properties. The rental is in line with the team’s goal – “to provide lightness, fun and character to every player who plays Monster Clan NFT.” Renting an NFT removes all barriers to entry, including purchasing an NFT to play the game. The benefits are claimed to be twofold: players who cannot afford to buy NFTs can rent them at a lower price than they would buy them, and NFT investors can earn passive income.

The fantasy world of Monsters Clan is governed by the Polygon Network and the Binance (BNB) Smart Chain. To access this ecosystem, players can start by purchasing their own monster. In addition to being able to purchase monsters from the market, players can also purchase potions to create new mini monsters in the lab.

More info about the monster clan here
The original MONS platform code gives players additional features such as control rights and currency in the monster clan economy. The clan of monsters shares the intention of introducing a new way of doing things.

However, the ultimate usefulness of MONS tokens is to help members of the community “become part of a thriving, self-sufficient gaming economy.”

Continuous Improvement
As a fighting game, Monsters Clan will have many different fighting modes, including PVP mode, tournaments, clans, combat, and AI mode. The platform integrates the Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on the Polygon blockchain to further ensure a controlled source of randomness between matches.

The platform also announced its development for the fourth quarter of 2021, including the launch of the Monsters Clan NFT Marketplace, the NFT lottery program, an alpha release of the Monsters Clan, and new partnerships with well-established companies in the gaming industry. Push your task forward.

Source: CoinTelegraph