BBC Russia reports that Dmitry Vasiliev, the former head of Russian crypto exchange Wex, has been arrested in Warsaw, Poland.

Wex, formerly known as BTC-e, was a well-known dark market at the start of the cryptocurrency industry. He is said to have laundered money for several high-profile crypto attacks, including the infamous Mount Gox incident.

Although Vasiliev was found not guilty within the jurisdiction of Poland, it is an open fraud case against an elusive figure in other countries such as Kazakhstan, and as such, there are discussions about the possibility of extradition.

It is known that the Polish authorities arrested Vasiliev on August 11, but the news was revealed only on September 17 by the Polish newspaper Wyborcza.

Vasiliev is said to have facilitated trading for Chinese investors working for BTC-e until the end of summer 2017. Alexander Vinnik, the alleged leader of BTC-e, was accused of laundering more than $4 billion in bitcoins over the course of six years. He was then arrested in Greece and is under investigation by the US authorities.

A few months after Vinnik’s arrest, Vasiliev became director of the Wex exchange, which consolidated its position in the list of the 10 largest stock exchanges with a daily turnover of $80 million at the end of the calendar year.

But just over a year later, Binance Wex was blacklisted for money laundering – a decision that ultimately led to the exchange’s closure.

In 2019, the Italian authorities arrested Vasiliev, but he was soon released after an error in the extradition request was revealed.

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Source: CoinTelegraph