Former MLB artist Mika Johnson sold $ 2 million worth of symbolic art in just one minute at Winklevoss’s Nifty Gateway Market.

The auction, which began on February 21 and lasted 28 hours, generated sales of $ 2 million. Auction sold NFTs, a hand-painted resin statue called AKU: The Moon God.

The physical LFS statue was also auctioned and raised for $ 305,000. The statue is placed in storage and is subject to a two-year lock.

The buyer also gets exclusive access to the statue, which is stored in physical warehouse at the Art Angels Gallery in Miami, and can resell the statue at any time by transferring the symbol.

In a conversation with Cointelegraph, Johnson expressed his intention to demonstrate how non-innate symbols can create unique opportunities and tools that transcend the virtual world.

LFS depicts a little black boy wearing a huge space helmet looking up at the sky. Johnson says he found inspiration for LFS from a heartbreaking question that a sister asked about her son: “Mom, could the astronauts be black?”

In response, Johnson began portraying his nephew as an astronaut, which eventually led to the creation of LFS, a character Johnson describes as having unlimited potential:

“I wanted to give him life, to shine a light on it, and to allow other children or other people, adults, whatever they thought their dream to symbolize the whole world, be able to communicate.”
Johnson described LFS as a great personal achievement and cited the success of symbolic artwork as an inspiration for people from all walks of life:

“Gather such a diverse group of people. And let them see or be inspired by LFS, you never know how many people have gathered this LFS or finally sold LFS and found the courage to go and do what they planned to do, dreamed of and will do. That maybe just change the world.”
The auction received widespread support from the entire crypto community, including Erikan Obotetukudo, founder of PaperTrail Media:

Within 36 hours of the auction closing, the tokens caused nearly $ 500,000 worth of deals in the secondary markets.