I would like to point out that the 2021 communication has taken significant steps towards integrated financial adoption (DeFi). Look at the numbers: DeFi’s lockout grew from $ 20 billion last year to over $ 230 billion at the time of writing. But the best news is, it’s just the beginning – people are beginning to understand the usefulness of digital technologies, the true potential of blockchain to change the world.

For more information on the issue, I reached out to various experts from the blockchain industry, asking: “After 2020 was designated as the year of DeFi, have we already seen a massive adoption? special funds in 2021? What will help get more adoption in 2022?

Alex Shipp from Offshift
Alex is the chief planning officer of Offshift, a specialized application developed for storage and specialty transactions.

“It simply came to our notice then. However, we saw a lot of very interesting things and examples and thinking in the DeFi space. One of the main barriers to actual adoption of DeFi is gas pay space. Between off-chain scalability solutions and Ethereum 2.0, a lot of work is being done behind the scenes. But we must be careful not to confuse CeFi’s adoption with DeFi’s.

Andrew Levine from Koinos Group
Andrew is the CEO of Koinos Group, the first engineering company led by unparalleled blockchain seniors with experience as core developers and makers of BitShares and Steem blockchain.

“I’m sure we’ve seen another order for increased availability, but it’s a great pity from overuse. Mass adoption for me means that everyone and their mother is using blockchain in their day – to – day lives without realizing it. . ”

Chris Kalani from Phantom Wallet
Chris is the chief product officer at Phantom Wallet, a Solana wallet built for DeFi and NFTs.

“This year we have seen a decline in the use of DeFi, and an increase in interest in NFTs instead. .

There will be other content applications like NFTs and sports that will help drive adoption into the scale.

You will see basic data and people wanting to get products, but most of the data, products and trades of farmers will be the same, just like a traditional fintech.

Do Tribble or Agoric
Dean is the co – founder and CEO of Agoric, an open source development company that promotes interoperable JavaScript smart contracts.

“There are many changes at the end of the year to see DeFi outside the crypto market. I expect this to open the crypto market in 2022. In particular, we know that investors are looking for. TradFi ways to be involved in DeFi It’s important to regulate that insurance for the proper execution of smart contracts.We expect to start showing in 2022.

In particular, staking provided an initial reward when bet approval was first introduced. But this summer DeFi was powered by unused equipment. Since then, the two teams have been merging, so I expect different types of staking to come back with stacking models that can use stacking assets for use in other spaces. (eg, liquid water, staking ‘superfluid’, etc.).

As for the group’s other regulations, I hope to see some special DeFi events in the coming year. The big issue is not the right to add effective transparency to help consumers market safely and quickly and protect the public from being greedy or poorly organized (for example in the US and elsewhere). new exterior. To date, the DeFi team has been able to push back with a few negative regulatory attempts. I hope it continues as it helps regulators manage key areas in an effective way.

Filipe Gonçalves de Ankr
Filipe is the artist of DeFi in Ankr, an installation platform built to offer a wide range of solutions to DeFi’s installation and playback problems and multichain staking for DeFi.

“The future will be diverse, and the ability to switch between different networks will play a major role in adoption. Why? Because new DeFi users on Ethereum quickly recognize that swaps are very expensive, especially for small businesses.

Source: CoinTelegraph