Among the many current and future games supporting blockchain, LiteBringer promises something different. It claims to be the first game fully supported by the Litecoin blockchain.

But could it live up to its name and bring Litecoin (LTC) to gamers? It was just a way to find out …

Pay to play
The first thing to note about LiteBringer is that it is actually copied directly onto the Litecoin blockchain. Every step it takes is a transaction and requires a mining fee (currently around 0.0014 liters).

You must also have a subscription for each character that you want to play. The subscription fee is available for an initial discount period of 90%, which means you are currently only paying 2 liters ($ 0.10) for approximately one month’s worth of blocks.

I started the game at around $ 0.50 in LTC and had a four-letter subscription, with loads of changes to spend on as many tasks as I could handle.

Idle role-playing game
The game has an RPG theme – think wizards, warriors, and thieves – but the missions don’t actually require much involvement, and LiteBringer is often a little inactive.

Available tasks are marked in green, tasks must start in red, and tasks locked are gray. Choose between Exchange Mission, Experience or Resources and you’ll find out how many blocks the mission will take. Then just click and pay the mining fee and you’re done.

I really don’t like inactive clicks … because they’re so good.

“My life will definitely be complete if I can unlock the next update.”

In LiteBringer, you can increase your score, find loot to increase your stats, and collect resources to increase lootings. This is the dream / nightmare of an inactive addict.

The only thing that surprised me that it was really cool is that the duration of the task depends on the blocks. It really links the game to the blockchain and forces you (randomly at least) to rate the technology driving it.

Those. If you wait ten minutes, you will split into the supposed two and a half minutes block that will complete your task and allow you to click again.

Trading game
Of course, an inactive clicker doesn’t really need a blockchain to run it, and the other element of LiteBringer is the trading market.

This allows players to switch all of their in-game items, from pooled resources to stored equipment to complete characters.

By skillfully and affordably purchasing the right equipment, players can jump early and avoid some vomiting.

But since I was sensitive about spending my money on work tasks, I decided to go the other way. Can I upgrade something in the game and then sell it in the market to make money?

The added bonus is that anyone who wants to buy my devices pays with real Litecoins, not any royal tokens I have to convert on the exchange.

During the passive tap phase, I accidentally bumped into a few “Pants of Fire” more than anything else. My challenge at the time was to upgrade the pants to a maximum of 15 (then they could still switch to better pants) and try to sell them for more than my $ 0.50 investment.

Suddenly my click became less lethargic. I’ve spammed my four characters looking for resources and they shot everyone worthy of. As things settled, the duration of the task increased, and the required inputs became increasingly scarce.

Two days later I reached level 15 Fire Pants – actually Disarm Leggings (with the Fire element), but is it important?

Play to win
I took the pants from my hero (which included sending them on another mission) and put them on a “trade show”. But how much should I order such a beautiful leggings?

Unfortunately – and this is an item that I want to change in a future update – you can’t see items that have sold, only items that haven’t been sold. This means that you have no idea the value of things, just that some things can be quite pricey.

When I first looked at the market, I saw two Level 15 entries listed in the 210 Lite. They are gone, but that doesn’t necessarily mean selling them.

I decided to put on pants for the most reasonable 120 Lites. Were other players catching him? That was more than 10 times my first bet in the game.

All I had to do now was wait … Oh, why not click more while I’m here.