The inclusion of a non-fungible (NFT) token on the GameStop market has become the center of controversy in the NFT world. The listing received a backlash from the community, prompting the market to take action within a day, showing how the community can come together to reverse the error.

The NFT in question, titled “Falling Man,” showed a man in a spacesuit falling down. The NFT in question was quite similar to the infamous 9/11 image of a man falling to his death which has since become a defining moment for the deadly attacks. Many believe that NFT was parodying the 9/11 victim and also infringed the copyright of an image taken by original photojournalist Richard Drew.

In another discussion on the meme stock GME_Meltdown subreddit, a user noted that the figure in the NFT is a rendering of an existing 3D model of a Russian flight suit created by an independent artist, which was used without permission from the original artist.

The GameStop team has finally removed the NFT and even banned the creator behind the art from minting coins on the platform.

The crypto community has demanded that GameStop do better due diligence before approving any art form on the market. One user wrote:

“It’s still not enough how you even allow this, it’s disgusting, there should be a review team searching every NFT for things like this or stolen art.”
GameStop did not respond to Cointelegraph’s request for comment at press time.

While GameStop faced backlash from the community, the incident opened up a box of Pandora guides highlighting how NFTs have become for many a way to make quick money at the expense of common human fitness.

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OpenSea, currently one of the most popular NFT marketplaces, has a “Falling Man” like NFT on sale for about two months.

Source: CoinTelegraph