The blockchain project introduced a number of new features in its quest to make this technology available – live on the Cointelegraph Ask Me Anything session.

During a YouTube broadcast, ARK co-founder Travis Walker and senior brand manager Justin Rinken stated that there are major challenges in bringing blockchain usability to the largest number of people, and they unveiled new products in their roadmap that could be critical in unlocking more. several levels. Acceptance is widespread.

MarketSquare is one of the most exciting platforms soon to launch in public beta, a social platform designed to connect users and developers to blockchain-powered projects and companies that can help them build communities.

Renken said MarketSquare will be “very important” in the ARK ecosystem and will serve as a starting point for forming strategic relationships and connecting the entire industry. In fact, ARK has reached out to a wide range of organizations because a platform called New Decentralized Networked Home is about to launch.

“This is a great version of LinkedIn for the crypto and blockchain industry,” he told Cointelegraph’s Rachel Wolfson. “Users and developers who want to discover real services that they can use with blockchain can do so and connect to their favorite projects and businesses.”

When asked how MarketSquare will differ from other cryptocurrency-focused sites such as CoinMarketCap, Renken explained, “At Market Square, we primarily focus on the instrument. What can you do specifically with different cryptocurrencies, with blockchain assets that DApps operate on all networks, and organize this information so that a person with a certain group of interests can quickly and easily access all the real services that may be of interest to them. ”

The Chief Brand Manager expressed the hope that this will pave the way for discovery for crypto enthusiasts – enrich life and reopen the world of blockchains.

Powerful features and simple design
Another feature that ARK is currently leading is Deployer, a free and easy-to-use blockchain builder that has dozens of customizable options. A full deployment can be completed in less than an hour, and configurations can be managed through the web interface.

“ARK is the easiest way to create a blockchain. We are building a platform of related products that allows users and developers to use blockchain technology in the simplest and easiest way – and the fastest, ”Reinken added.

According to Locker, ARK works as a great alternative to Ethereum in terms of transactions – with extremely low fees, custom transaction creation, and no need for smart contracts.

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Demystify the blockchain
During an hour-long interview, Walker and Renken acknowledged that the entire blockchain sector faces challenges when it comes to implementation.

“Compatibility itself is a big issue,” Walker said. Its user-side, not just the server-side, makes it easy to use and forces your grandma to complete a transaction through the entire chain with a single click of a button, instead of looking for what it means. I see her now. ”

Renken agreed and said that ARK has now compiled a glossary of over 300 blockchain terms to welcome newcomers to the industry with short, concise videos that simply explain things.

“Every time you read a statement about blockchain, there are two or three terms in it that you like,” he added. “What does this mean? – Then you read the next sentence, which spawns nine other terms, and you ask, “What does this mean ?! ”

After the AMA, Walker added: “ARK’s vision is to make blockchain and cryptocurrencies easy to understand and use. It goes from just learning about cryptocurrencies to sending cryptocurrencies and using blockchain technology. We want everyone to be able to use and benefit from it, from small to commercial. Large so that everyone can benefit from this technology. ”

More than 40 projects have already joined before the launch of MarketSquare and a large lab for ARK code will be released soon. ARK Core v3 will launch more ARK products like ARK Deployer, allowing anyone to launch their blockchain and cryptocurrency.

ARK wallets will be fully updated soon. There will be several assets in ARK’s portfolios. Many cryptocurrencies are already supported and the list will grow over time.