No sector of the economy or real life is immune to non-fungible tokens (NFT) or tokens. Golf is the latest sport to be tempted by the NFT and the decentralization round thanks to the efforts of LinksDAO.

In a full sale, NFT LinksDAO raised $ 10.5 million to fund its golf ambitions. Over 9,000 “Recreational Memberships” and “Global Memberships” have been acquired from NFT on the OpenSea platform and replaced with Ether (ETH).

It looks like while 2021 was a boom year for decentralized autonomous regulation (DAO), with the value of some Treasury bonds surging 40x, golf is now also accepting cryptocurrency.

However, as opposed to boring monkey pictures or fundraising for presidential campaigns, NFT LinksDAOs are contributing to the governance of the DAO, which “will improve the transparency of certain aspects of the organizational management of club activities.”

Therefore, NFT LinksDAO are not golf club membership cards; They are the key to community access, governance, and “wide range of benefits”. Over time, the NFT will open up a membership to the first LinksDAO golf club.

As expected, selling NFT is just a way to start a newly created startup. First on LinksDAO’s list of business plan priorities is “choosing a list of golf courses to buy” and developing the $ LINKS cryptocurrency. These plans should be completed by mid-2022.

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The group is led by Mike Dudas, a renowned crypto figure as the founder and CEO of The Block. As an active anti-BTC (BTC) extremist, he reached # 83 on Cointelegraph’s 100 Best Influencers by 2020. He deals with cryptocurrency capital as well as Paxos and Venmo.

Despite the general abundance in the DAO market, some golf enthusiasts and NFT collectors were baffled as to how Dudas could have started a golf company by creating the DAO.

Dudas explained in a tweet that the LinksDAO NFT “does not * grant * ownership of the asset, but provides control over the club creation process and the ability to purchase club memberships upon opening.”

Source: CoinTelegraph