Bitcoin’s adoption rate has increased in recent months as it surpassed $ 60,000. Recently, the US government in Louisiana issued a resolution pointing out some of the achievements of Bitcoin (BTC).

House permit no. 33 users rep. Mark Wright said, “So it is certain that the Louisiana House of Representatives hereby praises Satoshi Nakamoto for his contribution to financial security.” According to The Hill article, the document was signed on Thursday.

The call to anonymous bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto came after the document gave BTC a pat on the back for success in terms of adoption and market value. The first lines of the solution said the following:

“Praise Bitcoin for its success as the first trillion dollar decentralized asset, and encourage governments and local governments to think about ways that can help them take advantage of the wider use of this new technology.”
Bitcoin’s market value reached over $ 1 trillion in early 2021. The metrics reached this level after the asset surpassed its full-time work in 2017, which was set at the end of 2020.

The Louisiana white paper describes a number of details about bitcoins, including a link to distribution, decentralization, and use. The decision even mentions the original as a substitute for gold. The document states: “Bitcoin, which can replace gold as a reserve of money, is limited and limited, and only 21 million bitcoins are allowed to be produced.”

Over the past year or so, a number of companies have bought bitcoin as an asset, fueling the usual interest.