Bitcoin (BTC) may be under $ 50,000, but its bull market is three years old this month.

Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView confirm that Bitcoin bulls have something to celebrate as 2021 approaches.

Three -year, up 2.125%
Despite the disappointment, when it comes to expected prices at the end of the year, BTC / USD remains in line with the high of the last 18 months.

March 2020 is a stable market down since December 2018, marking a short return in the near future. At the time, Bitcoin was under $ 3,100 – a trend never seen before and probably never to be seen again. .

On December 15, 2018, when Bitcoin ended its year of retreat from an all -time high of about $ 20,000. Compared to this year’s high of $ 69,000, BTC investors gained 2.125%.

A few months after the merger, April 2019 was a big turning point as the market reached its annual high of $ 13,800.

The “Top Bear” celebration is fitting, as researchers are focusing on the possibility of a strengthening and slowing upward trend to signal the end of this year and next.

“Welcome to the cutting season,” Cointelegraph contributor Michael van de Pope summed up.

“It’s a season where you lose all revenue from day one to the next and within 24 hours everything falls / falls, even the imagination of people in the market.”
September 15 marks the second birthday in terms of spending more than $ 10,000 on Bitcoin, according to CineTelegraph.

I hope for “momi”
While the $ 20,000 return card is not in the card for most market participants, researchers are not underestimating the idea that Bitcoin will fall sharply again in the short term.

For popular retailer Pentoshi, it could be in the form of another support cascade to “throw” a lot of speculation from the market.

The support level at $ 40,000, the breach will put the BTC/USD on track to push its way down in May.

In comparison, Philfilbe retailers said this week that the sample of “extreme pain” would reach 60,000.

Source: CoinTelegraph