To celebrate the 13th anniversary of the Bitcoin network, Cointelegraph has collected birthday messages from industry players to mark the occasion. After a record high hash rate, Bitcoin (BTC) has officially reached its youth and industry experts are working to think about the future.

Beimnet Abebe, Senior Vice President of Trading, Galaxy Digital:

“Bitcoin was released 13 years ago. Although its creation has received a lot of fanfare and has attracted the attention and interest of several esoteric programmers, the release will be massive, allowing anyone anywhere in the world to make scant money for the first time. And opening the door to the protocols that will drive the next iteration of the Internet. ”
Hasan Al-Busairi, Vice President of Portfolio Management at Arca Funds:

“BTC is the gateway to medicine that has opened everyone’s eyes to how great digital assets can be. As the BTC ecosystem grows and becomes a more productive asset in terms of lending / borrowing and repayment, we can expect more contributors, research and opportunities with other currencies and blockchains. ”
Laura Videla, Business Development Strategist and Former VP of Institutional Sales at Paradigm:

“By 2022, the growth of products and capital in the BTC ecosystem will continue. With the increasing supply of derivatives and structured products, traditional companies are using more capital by investing in profit-making strategies with which they are familiar. ”
Ian Kane, co-founder and CEO of Unbanked:

“Its creation has gone beyond time zones, borders and governments – and has given economic power to millions of people around the world. This is a testament to human ingenuity and that one person (or group of people) anywhere in the world can create something for whom the impact of the next 13 years will be more significant than in previous years, as everyone moves towards the Bitcoin standard. ”
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Mark Jaklowski, Head of Communications and Public Relations, Genesis Global Trading:

“There is an old Japanese proverb that says,” It’s easy to start, and it’s hard to continue. ” I have just embarked on a journey to change the world. Come on Bitcoin! ”
Rich Rosenblum, Founder, GSR Markets:

“It’s fitting that Bitcoin is celebrating a naked mitzvah today. 2022 will be the first full year with an ETF, broad participation and adoption. Mazel felt! ”
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Meanwhile, Neptune Bukele, President of El Salvador and bitcoin supporter, has speculated that Bitcoin will hit $ 100,000 this year.

BTC was announced in the new year at just under $ 47,000 and was at $ 46,100 at time of publication. Whether you are in the mood for a move up or down, assets have come a long way in terms of acceptance and security.

Source: CoinTelegraph