To mark the 13th anniversary of Bitcoin, Cointelegraph is collecting birthday messages from industry players to mark the occasion. After a high pace, Bitcoin (BTC) has officially reached its teenage years and industry experts are measuring its future.

Beimnet Abebe, Senior Vice President, Sales, Galaxy Digital:

“Bitcoin was launched 13 years ago. If it had been a bit of a thrill, it would have been a huge hit, with only a few esoteric encoders.
Hassan Bassiri, Vice President, Arca Funds Portfolio Management:

“Everyone is aware of how big BTC’s digital assets are. We can expect more participants, research and opportunities in other currencies as the BTC ecosystem develops and it becomes a more productive asset in terms of lending / borrowing and income.”
Laura Vidiella, former vice president of business development and institutional sales at the paradigm:

“The BTC ecosystem will continue to grow in terms of products and capital by 2022. With the proliferation of products and structured products, traditional organizations are investing more in familiar product development strategies.”
Ian Kane, Founder and CEO of Unbanked:

“Creation is higher than time zones, borders, and governments, and it empowers millions of people around the world.
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Mark Yakloffski, Head of Communications and Public Relations, Genesis Global Trading:

There is an old Japanese proverb: “It’s easy to start, it’s hard to continue.” The journey to change the world has just begun. Keep it up, Bitcoin! ”
Rich Rosenblum, GSR Market Founder:

“Bitcoin has to celebrate its current day. The first full year of ETFs, widespread participation and acceptance in 2022. Mazel Tow!”
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Meanwhile, El Salvador’s president and Bitcoin advisor Naib Bukele estimates that BTC will reach $ 100,000 this year.

BTC traded below $ 47,000 in the new year and below $ 46,100 at the time of publication. Be strong or bearded, active in adoption and security.

Source: CoinTelegraph