Do you have an idea for an advanced blockchain application? You can get $100,000 to develop it.

The blockchain ecosystem is offering $100,000 in funding to developers with big ideas, and is hatching early-stage projects that could transform the crypto world in the future.

Callisto Network launched the We Fund You program in February 2022, and handpicked projects also receive technical support.

After countless applications, four startups received funding – and now the EVM-compatible network is supporting these promising projects.

One of them is GAT Network, which has requested $50,000 in funding to create a next-gen crypto market and NFT toolkit.

This team of five developers said they were drawn to Callisto Network because of its low gas fees and high transaction speeds — not least because it “opens the door to interesting GameFi ideas that have been shelved due to high costs” on competing networks.

Elsewhere, has requested $25,000 from this ecosystem, as well as technical and marketing support. This is an important milestone as it is the first NFT project to be launched on the Callisto network.

Securing such funding can also open doors to new opportunities. A PowerCar developer came to Callisto Enterprise to work on smart contracts and his new employer also bought the project.

Support for young developers
Callisto Network also says it’s committed to supporting passionate developers taking their first steps in this fast-growing industry.

Patrick Cermak and Mojmir Zaleshak, just 16 and 17, respectively, are the latest developers to receive a $25,000 grant from We Fund You to help people their age improve their investing skills.

Teramite will soon be offering courses and presentations introducing youth to cryptography, encryption, programming, investing and math – resources that can be used in schools and community meetings. And since such subjects are not always taught in educational institutions, this can be extremely valuable in preventing teens from making costly mistakes.

This content will be created over the coming months along with a social media presence and website. The commercial launch of Teramite is planned for the fourth quarter of 2022.

And to round out the list of We Fund You Soy Finance members, the DeFi platform wins an award for developing an auto-connect feature for tillers.

We bring great ideas to life
We Fund You is currently preparing for the next round, in which additional developers will be invited to apply for funding. And going forward, Callisto Network intends to update this initiative on a quarterly basis, meaning there will be a constant stream of new innovative projects in its development.

Vladimir Venchalek, CEO of Callisto Network, told Cointelegraph that “over the past few years it has become clear that a number of projects have managed to make the top 100 largely on the basis of their marketing budget — and at the same time, many developers have big ideas, but there is a lack of funds. Resources. Callisto Enterprise wants to leverage these financial and human resources to support talented developers.”

With the blockchain industry growing so rapidly, there is a talent shortage as many companies struggle to implement innovative concepts. Callisto Network opens the door to those still learning how the sector works and enjoying front row seats as innovation takes place.

Importantly, Callisto has taken a security-centric approach and the project has its own security department, made up of a team of decentralized auditors. Besides examining over 400 smart contracts, its experts have also made improvements to Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), EOS and other chains and projects.

Source: CoinTelegraph