NFTs are a dime a dozen, but Mickey Johnson’s Akutar NFT project aims to shed light on the value of diversity and inclusion for Web3.

After the non-fungible token (NFT) boom, developers left their Web2 objects en masse and left their own footprints in the Web3 world.

Not only technologists and artists are turning to Web3. Former American baseball player Micah Johnson, for example, turned to painting and focused his work on representation. In releasing his first digital work, sä-v(ə-)rən-tē (pronounced “sovereignty”), Johnson was not only inspired by adversity, but inspired by the issue that changed the trajectory of his work.

“Can astronauts be black?” Johnson’s four-year-old nephew asked his mother.

Unfortunately, the main character “Acuverse” was created in February 2021. Aku is the physical representation of the confidence and courage of a little black astronaut who makes his way through his dreams. Aku’s characterization challenges the notion that dreams are exclusive to certain social identities.

On Friday, 15,000 avatars of a black baby astronaut will take over Twitter profile pictures.

It is important.

— Micah Johnson (@Micah_Johnson3) April 20, 2022
Aku’s story is told through NFTs, or chapters that feature Aku’s dream journey. Micah Johnson recently gave away 9,241 Akustar mints to Aku chapter holders, which are currently trading at 4.85 Ether (ETH) ($14,331.65). The Aku Mint Pass has raised over $13.4 million in the past seven days as Akustars gear up for their biggest expedition with the launch of the Proof-of-Profile (PFP).

Akutars could be more than just another PFP
Akutars is a 15,000 PFP 3D Akuverse collection that will also live on the Ethereum blockchain. The images are meant to empower, and the Twitter comments prove that Aku’s story and images have resonated with a number of NFT collectors.

“Base” Akutars.

Which is your favorite?

— Aku :: Akutars (@AkuDreams) April 13, 2022
According to NFTgo data, 60% of Diamond Hand investors have their Aku Mint Pass for more than a week, while about 30% of holders have it for less than a week.

Distribution of Akutar Mint Pass holding periods. Source:
Sales of Akutar Mint Passes are up 26% in the last seven days and the average sale price is up 89%.

A subscription to the Akutar mint for an average of 7 days. Sale price / volume. Source: opensea
Akutara is not only a symbol of confidence and courage, but also of style. The collection will feature unique pieces and features created by some of streetwear’s biggest names such as Pharrell Williams, Billionaire Boys Club, ICECREAM, Puma and luxury streetwear experts Upscale Vandal. Roc Nation’s streetwear brand Paper Planes and New York luxury goods brand Who Decides War also helped develop the Akutars.

These strategic partnerships are more than just a drip for Akutars. PFP holders receive a range of privileges and rewards within Akuverse, as well as physical access to exclusive experiences, collaborations and products.

What might be unique about Akutars compared to other NFTs is the cultural significance of Aku and how its story has influenced key players in the ecosystem who want the story to be heard.

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ready to go
On October 13, 2021, Visa announced a partnership with Micah Johnson and further plans to support the artist and the creative economy. In an interview with NBC, Micah Johnson expressed his recognition that there is “an audience that says this is what we want in the world” and they showed their support by investing in the project.

In just one year, AkuDreams has earned over $60 million in combined sales across all ten NFTs Aku Chapter and Akutar Mint Passes. Johnson also confirmed that Aku’s story would be made into a feature film where the chapters of Aku (NFT) could be featured in scenes.

As previously mentioned, 9,241 Aku minting passes have been distributed to all eligible Aku chapter holders, and 5,500 will be available for minting at an auction in the Netherlands on April 22.

Acutara Public Sale, Friday // 2:00 pm. EST

⭐ 5 500 Available
⭐️ Price to be confirmed
⭐ .1 ETH drops every 6 minutes
⭐ Max Mint (3)
⭐ The lowest bid determines the price for all


⭐ .5E off Aku’s final price

Source: CoinTelegraph