Cryptocurrency investments are said to have been a source of conflict in relationships, sometimes leading to separation and even divorce.

According to a February 2015 Reddit post, a 28-year-old woman who used an account with a trash can stated that she was incredibly upset about her husband, who has not stopped buying Bitcoin (BTC) since 2013 without consulting him. It estimates that it bought over $ 22,000 in cryptocurrency in the two years prior to the publication, when the price reached over $ 1,000 but also dropped below $ 200.

“I kept asking him to sell because the price was going up and he promised me a good year in 2014,” she said. “The price kept going down and he kept buying more. He’s earning more than me, but we’re building the future together and we have a joint bank account. He kept telling me it’s about starting a kid’s colleges, buying a house, etc.”

In the early days of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, when digital currencies were often used as jokes on talk shows and late-night comedians, at least many considered investing in technology financially immature. Some people still do this even if the price of BTC is over $ 50,000.

Redditor described her husband as “brainwashed” and said he “robbed her of her happiness” and ruined her job by adopting Bitcoin in marketing events.

“After the recent price crash, he actually bought more of the holiday fund that I had saved and planned for. Everything is gone, and no one else will see it in bitcoins.”
It is not clear whether the couple stayed together after responding to the post, or whether the pair sold some or all of the bitcoins to improve his wife’s financial woes. The user compared his wife to a drug addict and decided to “stay in the hotel for a few weeks” to consider the divorce.

But in hindsight, her husband’s early investment could easily have paid off in the millions of dollars. Although we assume he bought BTC after the price rose to $ 1,000 in November 2013, 22 coins will now total more than $ 1 million.

Since this story was posted on the r / Relations subreddit rather than a pro-cryptocurrency group like r / Bitcoin or r / cryptocurrency, many Redditors encouraged the user to split their finances and consider the divorce case. A few cryptocurrency enthusiasts hurried to comment, but someone speculated that BTC would one day be “worth a fortune,” and the man advised to pursue HODL.

Another Redditor story after a bullfight in 2017, which attracted many newcomers to the cryptocurrency space, claimed that his girlfriend was considering breaking up with him after a “massive investment in cryptocurrency”. However, cryptocurrencies appear to have played a lesser role in his story, as the user said he collided with a car while drunk and forced his soulmate to quit his job.

While many cryptocurrency traders realize that the prices of bitcoin and other digital currencies are likely to remain volatile, the adoption and investment of large companies has helped bring technology closer to the mainstream, making them more accountable to investors for taking action sooner rather than later. … … Later. Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary has already claimed to have increased his stake in Bitcoin, while Third Point Asset Management CEO Dan Loeb said recently that he was “deeply interested in the cryptocurrency”.