The trading platform has promised to make cryptocurrency fun again by allowing users to unlock the performance associated with buying, selling and holding assets.

EXMO says the new feature is designed to reward more active customers on the exchange, increase loyalty and seek out next-generation brand ambassadors.

Gamification is becoming an increasingly important phenomenon in the world of business and marketing, and research shows it can have a big impact on things like employee morale and customer registration rates.

How it works
EXMO will unlock a total of 50 achievements, which will be divided into a set of categories. Each achievement will have multiple levels that can be unlocked as users gain experience and confidence.

The top five customers who managed to collect all 50 awards will receive a gift bag filled with the EXMO brand, including T-shirts, hoodies, bottles and bags. It will also create competition to make it to the top 30 people to reach 30 achievements, as they will be three-month members of Superior Advanced Cashback, a feature that reduces trading commissions by up to 90%.

“It is believed that all these measures will build a bridge between the exchange and users,” said Sergey Zhdanov, COO of EXMO UK. “We feel like we are in the crypto industry, there is no dialogue between brand and followers. We want to change that. ”

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EXMO states that any active trader can improve their reputation and ensure their presence on the scoreboard. Increasing trade across a group of pairs is a surefire way to catch on, and milestones are often opened up for users who create a line and shop for a few days … whether it’s 4, 21, 42, or 90 days in a row. Referring new users to the platform can have a big impact.

Design sellers can track the number of successes achieved by going to the Performance section of the EXMO desktop platform. In addition, they can access the latest results with a few clicks in the mobile app by going to the More section.

EXMO was founded in 2013 and is registered in the UK. At the time of writing, according to the platform, it has over 1.8 million users worldwide and 181 trading pairs to choose from. It received temporary registration with the UK Financial Conduct Authority last year and implemented robust anti-money laundering and Know Your Customer policies to ensure that the ecosystem provides a safe and orderly environment where only pure cryptocurrencies are traded. It also revealed a partnership with Ledger Vault to improve security.

The main difference between EXMO and other platforms is that it offers simple and advanced modes that suit dealers of all skill levels. An active community, including a regularly updated Twitter account, provides insight into current market trends and helps traders navigate volatile crypto markets and understand what’s going on. Moreover, users can participate in the development of the platform and vote on projects that they want to include in EXMO in the future.

EXMO is considered one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe and this is reflected in the types of trading pairs it offers. As institutional interest in digital assets continues to grow, the exchange also provides an OTC department for transactions worth over $ 100,000.