The Human Rights Foundation announced on Tuesday that it intends to distribute 425 million satoshis – the smallest divisible unit of bitcoin – to various shareholders as part of its permanent Bitcoin development fund.

Bitcoin Development Fund, established in May 2020, focuses primarily on improving the privacy, usability and security of the Bitcoin network. The foundation said it will focus on this round of grants to expand Bitcoin learning and transfer, as well as the development of the Bitcoin core, telegrams and wallets.

According to a press release from the organization, these grants will be shared between several recipients, including developers Jarol Rodriguez, Farida Napurima, Roya Mahboub, Anita Bosch and Myron Estefanos. Several projects will also receive grants from the foundation, including Sparrow Bitcoin Wallet, Boltz Exchange, Summer of Bitcoin Internship Program, Blockchain Translation Team Exonumia and Blockchain Commons Development Team.

The fund also noted that it expressed special thanks to CMS Holdings, Gemini Opportunity Fund and Jameson Lopp for their contributions.

Back in January 2021, the Human Rights Foundation made headlines when it urged readers of Time magazine not to demonize Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. At the time, the foundation’s chief strategist, Alex Gladstein, said:

“Bitcoin is as neutral as cash and can not distinguish between good and evil […] Some extremists use these tools. They also use cell phones, e-mail and the Internet. ”
The president then warned that abandoning emerging financial instruments such as bitcoin could strengthen the US police force, which is driven by “intense counter-extremism surveillance.”

Source: CoinTelegraph