Learning by doing is a powerful yet simple educational concept: the best way to discover how something works is to try it.

PetaRush – a racing game featuring NFT characters – sets itself up as a prime example of how this works in practice.

Designed to be friendly and welcoming to Web3 beginners, this game can be enjoyed even if players don’t have a crypto wallet or understand how the blockchain works.

PetaRush also wants to reach people who have never owned an NFT before – giving them a chance to sign in for free and experience the fun of opening chests and finding collectibles.

The game itself is easy to understand: the NFT characters participating in the races are all animals – lions, cats, pigeons, foxes – and are presented in a cyberpunk style.

Care has been taken to create a beautifully designed game, and the racetrack is inspired by Mars – with exciting visuals including sand dunes and volcanoes.

During the game, players do not need to worry about the running direction of their opponent. Instead, it’s all about strategy – and deploying the right skills to reduce physical consumption and increase speeds.

Contestants can also gain the upper hand by disrupting their opponents for first place in tournaments, which means they will benefit from a win-win business model.

NFTs are known as Petas – and their value can be enhanced through skill development, giving their performance a much-needed boost when it matters most.

welcome to all
Some NFT games end up being like walled cities – closed to the outside. However, PetaRush is taking a different approach by collaborating with other NFT projects, and integrating them into the game so they can participate in the races as well. All of this forms part of the ambitions to offer a platform that brings together many intellectual properties.

One such partnership was recently signed with PhantaBear, which took over the NFT segment when 10,000 2D designs were launched. Now, all owners can claim an all-new and unique 3D version that can be used within PetaRush for racing – unlocking another layer of tools for their crypto holdings.

A similar collaboration has been formed with Demi-Holim NFT, to help PetaRush create a world where collectors from different NFTs can experience the fun of racing together. In addition, players can breed and create a completely new NFT from different IP addresses.

Explaining why this concept is so important, PetaRush told Cointelegraph: “The multi-chain, multi-IP NFT implementation is the future of Web3 gaming. Blockchain technology provides a platform for transferring game assets and IP addresses, opening up more opportunities for the gaming industry.

“PetaRush has already achieved key milestones of multi-IP and ‘enable cross-chain’ – and will continue to collaborate with more NFT IPs and other Web3 projects to complete the Web3 game ecosystem.”

The project recently met with founders and CEOs from major Web3 companies at the TOKEN2049 event in Singapore – introducing PetaRush to attendees from various industry sectors.

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Global beta testing is now underway
Players interested in PetaRush giveaways had the opportunity to try out a free demo – and those who walked their way to the top of the leaderboard won prizes.

These demos have been taking place all over the world throughout October – November will see closed beta testing.

Then PetaRush will be fully launched in December – tantalizing thoughts on the horizon include the possibility of IP breeding. This means that NFTs from two different groups can combine together to unlock new gameplay skills.

Source: CoinTelegraph