Users now have more digital currencies available to purchase than ever before. While some of them were created for a specific reason to serve a specific niche in the market, others have no purpose and virtually no reason to exist. Since the target is not specified, the coins lack a long lifespan, which is why they are called “shitcoin”. Many investors still profit from their purchases; However, this can be risky. After the first injection, it can be difficult to sell your investment, resulting in effective price reductions.

While analysts may warn against investing in these currencies, some have turned to sustainable projects by introducing new project tools. In fact, the projects have succeeded in this, creating DeFi Game, a growing market in which coins have value that extends within and beyond the game. As a result, players can engage in the same intense games that they are accustomed to in traditional games. At the same time, they get a chance to win in the Game for Profit model, also called P2E.

With this segment in games valued at more than $ 92 billion as of October 6, it should come as no surprise that internet memes like WAGMI have shifted their efforts to a member of the WAGMI Defense development team.

Referring to this transition, one of their team members shares:

“We believe that the field of cryptocurrency games is not only one of the most popular and promising categories, but also allows transactions with tokens in the game, regardless of the bullish or bearish market. We also know that only high quality games are the key to our success, and that is what we want to achieve. “.

Since then, WAGMI Games has announced its partnership with Cubix, a team that has been developing innovative digital projects since 2008. Together, this partnership will create a PvP Tower Defense game.

The start of the intergalactic battle
Before WAGMI Games continued this partnership, it went through dozens of game development companies. The decision was subsequently made to move on with Cubix based on their experience in software and game development, combined with their knowledge of blockchain solutions and NFT games. Through previous work done for brands such as Nintendo and Sapient, WAGMI Games quickly realized the scope of their knowledge, making them the obvious choice for the resurgence of WAGMI’s defense games.

In 3022, WAGMI Defense offers players an intergalactic combat game between humans and aliens around the NiFe element. NiFe is critical to survival. It can be found deep in the core of the Earth. When the aliens or “Grays” find out about this, people are forced to unite to protect their planet and protect the Earth for its survival. But since the game takes place for many years to come, people have experienced many natural disasters and innovative technologies, forming a super-advanced civilization.

More information about WAGMI games here
While the game itself is entertaining, it is based on a Play to Earn (P2E) model to update how players earn. For example, when players fight invaders, they are given the opportunity to bet on WAGMI tokens, the original token available on the Binance smart chain (BSC) and the Ethereum network (ERC). Thus, during skill testing, players earn currency that can be used in multiple chains, further expanding the user experience.

Players can also participate in many NFT collection opportunities, earn digital assets that can increase in value, and later sell them on the market.

Opens doors to addictive games
PVP Tower Defense will be the first phase of a larger release schedule, with the first phase launching in March 2022. The team plans to continually update and improve the gameplay by adding a story mode to the P2E 3D MMORPG along with a series of comics and other stories before the end of the year.

Source: CoinTelegraph