Australia’s leading rugby league, the National Rugby League, is working with IP Australia to test a blockchain-based app to limit the sale of counterfeit goods.

IP Australia is an agency of the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science that coordinates and regulates the granting of intellectual property rights and laws related to patents, trademarks, industrial design and registered designs, and plant breeding rights in Australia.

The original products will be marked with trust marks
According to a ZDNet report, the new application uses blockchain to enable brand owners to link their products to the government registry. It serves as proof of the authenticity of their products and their origin and helps them control the use of their brand.

As part of the lawsuit, NRL will link two online marketing stores, NRL Shop and Savvy Supporter, to the platform. This will result in a “trust mark” attached to each of these sites to provide visual proof to their customers that the sites are verified by IP Australia. Customers can also view registered trademark information by clicking on the trust icon.

They can use the app to prevent counterfeiting of Australian-made products, says Karen Andrews, Minister of Trade, Industry and Technology. “This is a great example of how new technologies can be used in practice to develop the economy and create jobs,” she added.

IP Australia’s Seal of Trust initiative is part of the Smart Trade Mark platform, which tests it across industries to improve original traceability and reduce sales of counterfeit products.

IP Australia is also working with Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation and the Australian Organization for Nuclear Science and Technology to test the use of their blockchain app.