C= (pronounced C equals) aims to promote ownership of the Bitcoin Lightning Network through increased liquidity and routing services.

TBD, a division of Block (formerly Square) led by CEO Jack Dorsey, has launched a new venture called c= (pronounced c equals) to improve the Bitcoin Lightning Network through tools and services.

The Lightning Network (LN) is a Tier 2 payment network built to facilitate large-scale Bitcoin adoption

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enabling faster, cheaper and more reliable peer-to-peer payments. However, c= aims to promote LN through greater liquidity and routing services.

Since its inception, LN’s liquidity and capabilities have grown organically through real-world adoption. Additionally, services like c= offer incremental updates to support Bitcoin’s continued global adoption.

Through liquidity, services and infrastructure, c= targets wallet users, businesses and lightning node operators for faster and cheaper payments. The official statement said:

“We want to meet you where your lighting needs lie. Are you a business looking to accept Lightning payments? Does this portfolio need channels or inbound for your customers? A hardcore plebnet veteran looking for your next big font?
Layer 2 services that collectively improve Bitcoin operations make it easier for them to adopt the ecosystem into their lives. If you want to accept Bitcoin as payment for your services, read Cointelegraph’s guide on how to pay with BTC.

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Jack Dorsey’s popular payments venture, Cash App, recently integrated TaxBit tax and accounting software into its services. This move allows Bitcoin users an easier way to report taxes.

As reported by Cointelegraph, Cash App launched its Bitcoin trading services in 2018 and started processing BTC deposits the following year. The company claims to have over 10 million Bitcoin users.

Source: CoinTelegraph