Klaytn, a blockchain project from the South Korean technology giant Kakao, has partnered with NFT’s OpenSea marketplace to bring a non-exchangeable token market to the platform. Klaytn is a smart contract platform developed by Cocoa’s blockchain wing, Ground X, which according to a recent announcement will develop its own NFTs and offer them to OpenSea by the end of June.

NFT’s transaction value in dollars has exceeded $ 500 million since the beginning of the year, when the technology gained attention after a series of high-profile celebrity purchases. While NFT can be used in many cases, the recent emergence in advance of discussion and investment is largely due to its potential as a digital medium for artists.

OpenSea is one of the fastest growing places to trade NFTs, with $ 100 million in March trading, up 1150% from $ 8 million in January.

The Klaytn blockchain chain was launched in 2019 and is managed by a network of community-driven companies consisting of companies such as LG Electronics, Binance, Celltrion, Maker Foundation and Union Bank of the Philippines.

Groud X CEO Jason Hahn said that the partnership with OpenSea will open up a wide range of opportunities for the Klaytn community when it comes to NFT.

“Support for Klaytn in OpenSea will give our ecosystem the ability to interact with a much wider audience, and we look forward to exploring interesting digital assets on Klaytn,” said Khan.

Just as Ethereum users can interact with decentralized applications using the MetaMask browser extension, Klaytn users will be able to use OpenSea using their own plugin called “Kaikas”.

OpenSea CEO Devin Finzer thanked Khan for his views and noted that OpenSea could help raise public awareness of Klaytn’s NFT proposal.

“We believe supporting Klaytn’s blockchain and its growing NFT community creates a blockchain space that can invite a wide audience to try Klaytn’s unique digital goods and products,” said Finzer.

The value of the KLAY Klaytn token has grown by 21% in the last 24 hours, from $ 3.41 to $ 4.14. The overall path since the beginning of the year has been largely the same, with a growth of 819% since January, and thus became the 13th icon by market value in the process.