The day after the Tokyo court upheld the charges against him, Mark Carbiles, former owner and CEO of Mt. Gox, talk to the Cointelegraph about the referee.

On June 11, a judge in the Tokyo District Court overturned charges previously raised by Mariko Goto Carbillis for falsifying bills. Karbelis was first sentenced in March 2019 and sentenced to two and a half years in prison. He began the appeal process that same month. The former leader will have to spend time if he commits another crime within four years.

Speaking with Cointelgrave, Karblis said he did not decide to appeal again, and is currently consulting with his attorney on what to do:

In this case, the decision depends on the concept presented in the statement that the company has its own “will”, which may differ from the management and / or shareholders. I think this can be dangerous because it means that when a company fails, management can subsequently be charged with taking actions that run counter to what the prosecutor determined is the company’s will at this point in time. ”

On June 11, Judge Goto explained the reason for the charge as “a measure contrary to the terms of service that the Company called its will.”

Tokyo Mt. Gox was the world’s largest stock exchange, on which nearly 70% of all BItcoin (BTC) transactions were made simultaneously. In February 2014, the company lost about 750,000 customer BTC and 100,000 own BTC.

Mountain Gox went bankrupt in 2014, but has since undergone civil rehabilitation to enable lenders.

The rehabilitation plan should be submitted before July 1.