Knowledge is power – and in a market like this, access to accurate data is critical to uncovering new opportunities.

And with GameFi gaining momentum, a new website is helping investors track the latest gems in this burgeoning space.

P2E.Game says it offers information, tips and tricks to help crypto enthusiasts get the most out of blockchain gaming.

In addition to constantly updating information on the latest DEX initial offerings, this portal makes recommendations for the best games to play to earn based on a number of key metrics – market performance and player ratings among them.

And once you’ve found the next immersive game to sink your teeth into, you can level up easily with educational content that offers insights into the cutting-edge tactics the pros use to stay ahead of the competition.

Upcoming features include the NFT aggregator that provides insights into popular groups, new listings, and upcoming events – as well as information on volumes and whale movements.

P2E.Game also wants to tackle Web3 marketing challenges with a new approach called Email Earning (E2E.) The platform says it can be difficult for projects to establish direct contact with newly acquired community members. Through E2E, marketing emails can be sent to unique blockchain email addresses associated with a user’s wallet. It is hoped that this method will reduce time and money spent on traditional marketing campaigns, while making it easier for consumers to receive gifts and updates without having to constantly check their Twitter timelines.

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P2E.Game, which is now in beta, aims to ensure that players and investors can easily compare projects in one place – without having to move between different launchers. The platform says that it has never been easier to compare the ROI offered by titles to earn and the quality of play.

The values ​​of Web3 are also at the core of this portal’s offering, giving blockchain players and NFT enthusiasts a fun and welcoming environment where they can exchange ideas and make friends with like-minded individuals.

The team behind P2E.Game argues that such a resource is essential for the game to thrive for profit – just like countless websites that follow the traditional gaming sector by offering content on tactics and upcoming releases.

Given the financial component associated with these players, the project wants to remove barriers that prevent potential players from seeking out what is on offer. The panoramic view aggregates metrics including token prices, market cap, trading volumes, and total locked value.

Accurate naming also ensures that P2E.Game visitors can find a title that matches their interests – using a unique algorithm that scores a score for each game. Some of the categories only include Action, Logic, Shooter, Racing, and Puzzles.

P2E.Game told Cointelegraph that it wants to bring GameFi to the masses by educating newcomers about the industry, adding, “We understand the needs of gamers and investors better than anyone else because we are a professional team of long-time players and investors.”

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Incredible potential
The team behind the project said they were “shocked” when they realized the great potential of play-for-profit games – with the revival of traditional games on the blockchain.

P2E.Game also hopes that its metrics can meet the needs of players and investors alike, despite the fact that they have competing interests. While traders are looking for projects that will bring good financial returns, players are simply looking for an immersive experience – regardless of the value of the tokens.

The easy-to-understand gallery displays simple lists of projects that are trending, offering the best return on investment, and a rating of the most popular launchers on the market today.

The platform has already amassed an impressive following on Twitter — and provides regular updates on how GameFi startups are progressing with their funding rounds.

There is no way around it, the cryptocurrency market is a challenging place right now, and the playing space for profit is moving fast to say the least. P2E.Game aims to be a beacon to players in a stormy world, a place where it’s easy to stay abreast of the latest trends and discover new projects they fall in love with.

Source: CoinTelegraph