The Fountain Podcasting app has announced a partnership with Zebedee to give podcast creators and listeners the ability to earn bitcoins for time spent with content.

Crypto has tapped into various industries over the years to enable users with the unique ability to micromonetize their actions. Earnings from music streaming and play-to-earn gaming have been the harbingers of this type of crypto-integration.

On January 24, Fountain, a value-for-money podcasting platform, announced a new partnership with Zebedee, a financial services company that helps monetize Bitcoin-enabled games and apps

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Micropayments for podcast listeners.

Oscar Merry, founder and CEO of Fountain, describes listening to podcasts as a powerful combination of the ability for them to make money and the future of content creation

“So in a few years we’ll look at paid subscriptions to content platforms that really have nothing to do with how much we use that platform and laugh at how basic and inefficient that was ”.
In addition, through the partnership with Zebedee, users do not need to know anything about cryptocurrencies to take advantage of rewards through debit and credit card integration

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The CEO told Cointelegraph that instant, permissionless and low-fee payments can only be programmed using the Bitcoin Lightning network that works within the Fountain app and other free RSS standards.

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According to Mary, such growth adds up to a “fragmented podcasting industry” that currently operates across many asynchronous apps and hosting providers

He further revealed that every minute spent watching ads and consuming or creating content adds value to the platform.

“Why wouldn’t you participate in the economic uplift of the value you create on the platform?”
As developers prioritize usability in new protocols, the adoption of emerging technologies is often imperceptible. The recent “party-to-earn” initiative targeted the electronic music industry to create a universal currency among festival goers, club fans and fans

Source: CoinTelegraph