Today, Coinbase has 139 business assets. By 2021, the stock exchange will add 83 assets to its trading list, more than double the assets accumulated in the eight years since its inception.

Is catching money a quick expansion? Are there any signs of these unknown signs and coins? Is he irresponsible or too great? What does the rapid expansion of Coinbase assets mean?

Make money?
The answer to the first question is “! K! ». Coinbase makes a lot of money in trading accounts, but expanding its list is not money. Coinbase wore a T-shirt, bitcoin coin purse (BTC) inside, and started from a small exhibition space at the “Trying to Do What Customers Need” conference. Coins are now the world’s second-largest secret currency exchange.

It’s a common story, a businessman builds something, makes a profit, sells it and moves on, but Coinbase founder and CEO Brian Armstrong had a small kiosk eight years ago that is still on Coinbase. The stock market still adheres to its core values ​​and Armstrong values: financial freedom, property rights, an efficient exchange system and, in my opinion, creating what customers need.

In June this year, Armstrong posted a series of tweets showing changes in Coinbase’s property list. In conclusion, Coinbase switches from a service-based approach to a real-service internal approach. This new approach allows the market to choose which assets are the most valuable and which should be. Note: If you have a coin list, research it yourself.

Topic: Responsibilities in the active list of encrypted creditors

Coinbase recognizes and accepts leadership positions in creating new rules that benefit the new economy. The exchange seems to have truly recognized his leadership role in the cryptocurrency and is working to implement it. Therefore, it would not make sense to list a set of assets that could make the settings attractive to Coinbase (in the United States, it is forbidden to invest in a project that is not “recognized” by investors).

Although the Greek Capital Markets Commission accepts fixed currency as securities, the coin list demonstration continues almost every week. Coins may have assets that are considered SEC securities. However, the current “investor protection” barrier may eventually fall. Coinbase’s Aggressive Listening Platform can showcase financial freedom, strong property rights, and the fundamental values ​​it advocates, and even personal debates about unknown policies.

Coinbase CEO Melissa Strauss:

“We think that in order to get the legitimacy that is required to accept mainstream encryption, it is not necessary to study thinking, it must be an important part of our way of working.”
“We believe that in order for cryptocurrencies to be widely accepted, there must be a positive relationship with regulatory agencies and agencies that regulate the secret monetary system,” he said.

Almost all of the assets on the market this year are ERC-20 brands on the Ethereum network. Why; Because they are considered “inadequate”. The phrase comes from a June 2018 statement by William Hinman (former director of the SEC’s Treasury Department). If the asset is not as centralized as Etherum on the day of return, it is not temporary. Considered safe. Thanks, Hinman!

Topic: Balancing security and innovation in adoption secrecy

Is it irresponsible or too great?
One thing I noticed when researching this topic is that Coinbase is very organized and process-oriented. I think it should be understandable given its success. The Coinbase team understands the legal conditions for exchanges and has developed a system of coordination with the core industry. Armstrong says it wants to reach one billion customers. Now he is glorious! Too much? The central factor is out of control if you need a free and open financial system.

Coinbase said it was “agnostic” on its label list. That is, Coinbase does not decide on the projects it proposes, but rather rewards the programmers who check all the checkboxes in the list. It will be interesting to see how Coinbase projects get involved. The list of coins seems to have joined the union.

Source: CoinTelegraph