The original “Can I have a cheeseburger?” Meme became the last popular cultural symbol to be immortalized as an NFT.

The creator of the meme, Eric Nakagawa, announced that he will appear on the Lolcat NFT series on February 23. “Happy Cat” – the crown jewel of the NFT Nakgawa version – is sold in the NFT OpenSea market, where the highest price is. is currently at 0.25 ETH.

The 10-part series, No Fries Today, features early Lolcat memes and meme-inspired artwork. Part of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to charities, including the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the Internet Archive and the World Wildlife Fund.

Each NFT contains a background story that explains how the meme it represents was originally created, with Nakagawa saying he retrieved the image files from his “old personal archive” for the series.

Nakagawa told the Cointelegraph that he “definitely went to the attack on Happy Cat”, but he says he has two groups to shoot.

In 2021, the NFTs were torn apart, and on February 23, their daily sales were $ 60 million, along with several iconic icons inspired by famous memes.

NFT’s version of “Nyan Cat” – a toaster-shaped video of a feral cat – was sold on February 21 for about $ 580,000 on the Foundation Marketplace.

In January, the American giant Topps released a comic book based on the Bernie Sanders meme, and sold 8,876 packages of NFT cards in three days.

Nakagawa is no stranger to cryptocurrency, as he is currently head of open source in the blockchain division of Novi Financial, a Facebook subsidiary that oversees the development of the Diem crypto asset project.

After founding the popular photo-sharing website in 2007, he briefly joined Ripple Labs as Development Director in 2013, and the following year took up a Startup Outreach position at the Dogecoin Foundation.

In partnership with Dogecoin, Nakagawa launched the doge4water campaign, a fundraiser that raised 40 million DOGE for a charity in Kenya, which was then valued at $ 33,000.