Miami is poised to become one of the first major cities in the United States to monitor air quality using a decentralized Internet of Things (IoT) network built on Algorand.

The French environmental technology company Planetwatch has developed five different types of air quality sensors. With funding from the 10 million Borderless Capital PLNETS fund, the sensors will be distributed throughout the city, including residents’ homes.

Each sensor detects the concentration of air pollution in a specific area. By linking them together, they will help residents and city authorities analyze where the highest levels of pollution are. The data collected by the sensors will be written to the Algorand blockchain, making it tamper-proof and permanent.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has long advocated the use of blockchain technology. He said at the DeCipher event in Miami on November 29:

“Data from this project will play an important role in our efforts to adapt to climate change, as well as in our ambition to transform Miami into the epicenter of digital capital markets.”
Residents who agree to install a sensor in their homes will be rewarded with planet (s) tokens. Planets can be sold for legal fees on the open market or exchanged for land loans. Earth Credits are non-redeemable tokens that PlanetWatch uses as internal currency for its products and services.

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Algorand is a carbon neutral block chain. Algorand also recently received $ 1.5 billion in funding from Matt Zhang, a former CEO of Citi.

Source: CoinTelegraph