The cryptocurrency is often seen as what to do on a computer, but one company is able to find traders on the devices we all use most of the time: on our smartphones.

TabTrader claims to be the world’s leading crypto trading station, giving anyone free access to the latest market data and information. The company says that instead of connecting to a laptop or expensive equipment, users can shop at any time convenient for them.

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Based in Amsterdam, TabTrader has won the loyalty of its followers since its launch on Android and iOS, and gained 4.7 stars in both app stores thanks to its “flawless” design.

The company claims that the app has been downloaded a million times, and collects 103,000 active users daily. As a result, TabTrader says it stands on its head and shoulders above the competing platforms, with five times more users than its closest competitors.

According to the mobile platform, about 20,000 online users benefit at any time from the features offered by TabTrader.

TabTrader is estimated to be the world’s largest third-party trading terminal, providing connections in 40 major digital currencies. Support for Bybit, Phemex, CoinDCX and Binance Futures will also be supported in the next release of the app.

Unified Trading Program API, or API, means that users no longer need to distract communication problems so they can focus on what really matters: developing, testing and implementing trading strategies for the exchange of their choice.

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Realizing that some traders prefer shopping on laptops, the online version of the TabTrader platform will lose its beta version this month. The team believes this could become one of the most convenient users in the world.

Eliminates complexity
Although Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) are the main investment funds that should be available to everyone, TabTrader says that the crypto ecosystem is currently very complex. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of exchanges in the world, and few have websites optimized for use on mobile devices. Worse, there is a real and present danger to launch some of these platforms.

TabTrader Campaign Campaign Video says “There is a need to do a proper search when selecting an exchange”. “The documents and efforts made to open a new account do not allow people to diversify these exchange risks.”

The company claims that the mobile trading station eliminates the need to remember countless logins, as a trader can combine all exchange accounts in one place. Only some of the well known names supported by TabTraders include BitMEX, Binance, Huobi, Bitfinex, Kraken, CoinDCX, Poloniex and Coinbase. The team also notes that it recently added HitBTC to its interface, allowing users to take full advantage of the exchange: 800 in addition to trading pairs, security, high liquidity and many APIs.

TabTrader’s stated goal is to ensure that traders can buy and sell a variety of digital assets at the best prices on the go platform, which means trading opportunities should never be missed.

Up to now, the process of reviewing multiple applications and accounts to find the best market prices has been a difficult and time consuming process. TabTrader now offers exchange rates on one screen – with one of the best technical analysis tools with just one click. Companies can create charts and add trendlines directly from iPhone or Android device.

But perhaps the simplest and most compelling feature is the use of instant notifications. TabTrader allows users to set their favorite price brackets so they can receive instant notifications without compressing mobile data. Annoying charts can constantly become a fairy tale.