Financial and investment advisory giant The Motley Fool has announced that it will invest $ 5 million in Bitcoin (BTC), and it expects to rise to $ 500,000.

Earlier in the day, it was announced in a blog post and on Twitter that the company said it would not “buy ETFs at an inflated price”, but rather “buy bitcoins directly.” Motley Fool is currently ranked 5th globally in the investment category, according to LikeWeb, and with 87 million monthly visits to the site cited, three main reasons for buying have been cited: Bitcoin is a store with better value than gold, an effective defense against inflation and can become the origin of the deal.

The company will invest in bitcoin with its 10x real money portfolio, as one of 40 assets it expects to provide a return of 1,000% over the next fifteen years. The company recommended the digital asset as the primary possession of all of its 10-fold members and gave them time to purchase BTC before The Motley Fool began buying it. In the coming weeks, he added, the company will separately buy $ 5 million of bitcoins in our balance sheet.

The announcement makes clear that with long-term liabilities, volatility is not a major concern.

“While Bitcoin may remain volatile in the short term, we believe it has a potential 10 times higher than today’s levels in the long term as part of a diversified portfolio. We plan to maintain this investment in Bitcoin for years to come.”
If the company’s forecast is confirmed, Bitcoin will exceed $ 500,000 over the next 15 years. Motley Fool claims to have a proven track record of investing.

Motley Fool has identified 10 out of 40 investment options for its 10X portfolio to date, while the others are the cloud computing company Appian Corporation, Swiss biotech company CRISPR Therapeutics, cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike, Etsy e-commerce platform, Fulgent Genetic Testing platform, Lemondate Corporation For insurance, social media, Pinterest, and the Skillz and Zoom mobile game platform. It should be noted that many of these stocks are already recommended as part of other basic investment services.

The consulting firm has been aware of cryptocurrencies for many years, and a 2017 analysis revealed that Bitcoin’s biggest competitor was not Ethereum, but Litecoin.

Interesting fact: The second most visited site from Motley Fool is the IRS.